Module 1

Module 1: Stock Market (Start date: 29th October, 2021) 

Target audience: Beginners, Intermediate

Medium of Instruction: English


Course Outline: 


  1. Week 1: Fundamentals of Economy & Economics 

– Basic concepts in Economics (Microeconomics) & how it relates to the stock markets – 2 hrs

– Basic concepts in Economics (Macroeconomics) & how it relates to the stock markets – 2 hrs 

– Readings will be assigned both before and after the classes. 


  1. Week 2: Stock Market for beginners 

– Bond vs Stock markets – 30 min

– How to analyse news – 30 min

– Developing a portfolio: risk, diversification, portfolio design, goal based investing -1 hr 

– Some key concepts about the stock markets (how not to lose money in the stock market) – 2 hrs

– A discussion on mutual funds: mistakes people generally make – 1 hr


  1. Week 3 & 4: Stock market for intermediates 

– Swing trading & Timing the market intelligently – 1 hr

– Fundamental analysis of stocks – 4 hours

  1. Basic financial ratios 
  2. How to think like an Entrepreneur and do business analysis 
  3. Reading a balance sheet like a stock investor 
  4. Building a business forecast

– Basics of Technical analysis (4 hours): understanding major technical indicators 

– Case Studies on 5 major firms


You will learn the basics of valuation, how to assess businesses and how to research and make informed decisions. 


  1. Week 5 & beyond: Wrap-up and next steps 

– Discussions on different investment styles (Ray Dalio, Warren Buffet, Cathy Wood etc) – 1 hr 

– Discussions on Economy/state of the stock market – 1 hr 

– Indian vs US Stock Markets – 1 hr

– Financial Book analysis (key lessons from investment books) – 1 hr 


  1. One bi-monthly meeting with the group: 

– You will be added to a private Telegram/Whatsapp group. 

– Will discuss Market and Stock updates during these meetings. 

– QnA. 


PS: This is not a course on getting rich fast. You will learn things fundamentally. 

PPS: I will teach you LIVE. 


Other details: 


– Individual module Price: INR 10,999 + 18% GST (additional). 

– If you are buying all three modules together (includes Crypto + Year long discussions sessions): INR 22,000 + 18% GST


** Please note that these are pre-launch prices. The prices will go up by 50% from 15th October, 2021. 

This is a LIVE course and involves at least 25 hrs of LIVE teaching time. You will have the option to ask questions and interact. 


Timings and dates: 

– Classes run on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (starting October 29th) and would roughly last for 1 month.

– # of Classes in the course : 22 (each class lasts 1 hour, followed by 15 min of QnA)

– Even if you are a working professional, you will be able to study and implement the concepts

– Target audience: Beginners and Intermediate

– You will learn: Business Analysis, basics of Valuations, Technical Analysis, Basics of Economics & Finance

– Classes will be conducted via the Zoom platform. You need to turn your camera ON during the class. I would like you to be active learners 🙂 


*** For instructions on how to enrol, please read all the FAQs at the end of the document. 

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