Zionverse Scholarship

We are happy to announce a NEED-BASED scholarship, in collaboration with Zionverse, a firm that is creating immersive experiences in the world of 3D internet, for people interested in joining our finance courses.

About the Zionverse – Wisdom Hatch Scholarship

  • The Zionverse – Wisdom Hatch Scholarship is a need-based scholarship for people looking to enroll for finance courses on https://wisdomhatch.com/finance/ to expand their financial knowledge in the fields of equity investing, cryptocurrencies, and business know-how.
  • The scholarship will be UPTO 50% of the course fee, based on the applicant’s need.
  • There are only a few scholarships available and the scholarship applications will be evaluated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Open for all participants who wish to enroll for our finance courses (Stock markets, Cryptocurrency, Discussion series) starting in June, 2022. [Details here: https://wisdomhatch.com/finance/]
  • This is a need-based scholarship. It would be given only to people who require genuine financial support [decided by the team’s evaluation].
  • PLEASE NOTE: Since the number of scholarships available is limited, we would only consider applications from people who are able to provide documentary support for their financial situation.

In case you wish to apply for this scholarship, please click on the APPLY NOW button below:

Please note: 

  • We will be able to provide scholarships only to a limited number of participants in each cycle.
  • You will be informed only if you are selected for the scholarship.
  • The decision would be final and would solely be based on our discretion.

The last date to apply for the scholarship for the batch beginning in June 2022 is 12th June 2022 (11:59 PM IST). 
The batch starts on 17th June 2022. 


About Zionverse:

Zionverse was started in July 2017 by Anshul Rustaggi, with the goal of combining scalability through technology, innovation through design & retention through content. Their first product culminated into MGPL (Mobile Gaming Premier League), a platform for gamers to compete for tangible rewards.

Zionverse is now building Indian culture based leading UGC Metaverse GAMING ecosystem called Zionverse in Web 3.0 space. It has raised funds from 3 renowned Institutional Investors, Leo Capital, CourtsideVC & Mayfield & several prominent Angel Investors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship is open to all participants who wish to enroll for our finance courses (Stock markets, Cryptocurrency, Discussion series). Details on the courses can be found here: https://wisdomhatch.com/finance/

How much scholarship can I get?

The scholarship will be upto a maximum of 50% of the course fee. [Depending on the need of the applicant]. The amount would be decided by the Wisdom Hatch team as per their discretion.

What is the last date to apply for the scholarship?

The last date to apply for the scholarship for the batch beginning in June, 2022 is 12th June, 2022 (11:59 PM IST). The batch starts on 17th June, 2022.

When will I receive the scholarship decision?

The final decision for the scholarship will be communicated via email by 14th June, 2022. You will be informed only if you are selected for the scholarship. In case you are not shortlisted for the scholarship, you can consider enrolling for the course at the existing prices.

How to apply?

To apply for the scholarship, click on the button below:

Can the scholarship be used for the Management Consulting course?

No. The scholarship is only for the finance courses (Stock Market, Cryptocurrency, and Discussion series)