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Learn about stock market and cryptocurrency, develop structured and analytical thinking

Finance courses

Here are the popular courses that are currently being offered by Akshat Shrivastava.

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Learn about the stock market, how to analyze stocks, and manage a great balanced portfolio.

Find out how cryptocurrency works, the technology behind cryptos and how to pick the right coins.

Discuss about the stock markets, cryptocurrencies, queries, and doubts on a live Zoom call.

Management course

Management consulting course offered by Akshat Shrivastava

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A complete mentorship program to help you build Management Consulting, Business Analysis and Structured thinking skills.

What my students say about the courses

“I'm glad I had taken this course. I learned a lot about the market ups and downs, the functionality of cryptocurrencies, and how to analyze a stock and manage my portfolio.”

Gauri Nair

“The course guided me in how can I go about building my investment journey. I'll definitely recommend for anyone starting his/her investment journey.”

Mohit Gupta

"Akshat's course is one of the best investment I has ever done. Even intermediate investors can take his course to look at things."

Anirudh Kunte

"I have gained so much knowledge from this course and I really insist to visit his YouTube channel and courses."

Karan Chauhan

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