Study Abroad

[I] About Wisdom Hatch Study Abroad Bootcamp: – This will be a LIVE + Recoded Bootcamp. – The following are the key topics that would be covered: Should you study abroad? How to assess your profile for studying abroad? How to build a profile for studying abroad? How to pick courses? (And which country to study) How to pick colleges? (India vs Abroad: top colleges); top colleges across different geographies. How to do college specific and course specific research. How to analyse what the admissions team wants? Talks by Akshat’s ex-clients who are at prestigious universities abroad. This will give you more information about college, country and courses. How to write a Statement of Purpose (SOP) How to write your essays. How to write a study abroad Resume. Some effective WRITING techniques to structure your essays/SOP. Ace your Study Abroad interviews. Job opportunities: US, Europe, Australia, Canada. Overview of Test Prep (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS) How to plan your applications, build profile and build an application roadmap. Scholarship opportunities & how to write scholarship essays. How to finance your degree. There will be essay analysis classes. There will be profile evaluation classes. Basic prep strategy for GMAT/GRE [II] Who will benefit from this Bootcamp?  If you are applying for Study Abroad programs this year/ next year or with the next couple of years. Deferred MBA applicants who are currently in pre-final or final year. If you are targeting courses such as MBA/MS/MiM/MMS abroad.

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