REIS Real Estate Workshop June’24

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About Course

For people who are looking to buy a Real Estate and want to diversify your income streams. 

Or generally want to learn how to invest in Real Estate in India. 



Over the last 8 years, I have invested around 10 CRORE in Goa, Gwalior, Delhi. And, all my properties generate a rental yield of 6% or more. 

Along the way, I have made mistakes. But, this journey has given me practical insights into investing in the Real Estate market as a RETAIL investor. 

To pass on this knowledge, I will be doing an ONLINE + OFFLINE WORKSHOP.

The Offline Event (in Goa): 

– This syllabus would be covered in an online format via LIVE classes.

– The capacity is 200 participants ONLY. 

The offline event (1 day workshop) would be organized in Goa, in the 1st week of June.

You can also network with fellow participants

And, get to meet several Goa Real Estate experts during the in-person meet-up. 

The total fee is INR 9999/- (PLUS 18% GST) 


[1] How will I exactly benefit from such an event? 

– Well, even if you buy a basic real estate in your life, you would invest easily 30-40Lakhs. 

– Understanding what type of properties to buy. And, exactly high can increase your ROI (return on investment). 

– You also get to network. And, understand Real Estate as an investment class. 

No such workshop exists currently in India. 

[2] Is this event relevant for me if I don’t want to invest in Goa? 

– Yes, the basics would remain the same. 

– Also, by observing real estate trends across cities, you can be more informed on where exactly (and what type of property) should you buy? 

[3] What if I miss LIVE classes/LIVE event? 

– We will record the entire event, so you can access it.

[4] Will I have to make travel and stay arrangement (for the live event?)

– Yes, you will have to make travel and logistics. 

– We will organize the event on a weekend (1 day) in South Goa (1st week of June, 2024). 

– Also, on 1 ticket 1 participant is allowed. The LIVE event would be between 3-5 hours

[5] What is the structure of the program? 

– Attend 3 LIVE classes (each 2 hours); this will be done by me (Akshat). 

– And, I will bring other real estate experts. You get to ask all your questions. 

– Then attend the 1 day workshop. 


Akshat Shrivastava and his team!

For any queries, please drop a mail to

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What Will You Learn?

  • [1] How to scout for properties that give more than 5% yield
  • [2] Big city vs Small City vs Tourist vs Non-Tourist places.
  • [3] How to negotiate better with builders.
  • [4] How to make a decision of build vs buy?
  • [5] Commercial Properties vs Agri Land vs Residential
  • [6] How to AirBnB your properties to increase rental yields
  • [7] How to scale your AirBnB/Holiday Rental Business?
  • [8] How to buy properties on LOAN (do you need to?)
  • [9] How to invest in Goa Real Estate? How to invest as outsiders in Goa.
  • [10] We will also give you a walkthrough of several properties I own here. And, some potential good properties (this is not from a sales point of view, but to give you an idea of what is meant by a ‘good’ property and why)

Course Content

Live Session I (28th January, 2024)

  • Zoom link
  • Live Session I (28th January, 2024)

Live Session II (31st March, 2024)

(My BEST investment) A 150 year old Heritage House in Goa

Live Session III (20th April, 2024)

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