REIS Real Estate Workshop March’24

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About Course

For people who are looking to buy a Real Estate and want to diversify your income streams. 

Or generally want to learn how to invest in Real Estate in India. 



Over the last 8 years, I have invested around 10 CRORE in Goa, Gwalior, Delhi. And, all my properties generate a rental yield of 6% or more. 

Along the way, I have made mistakes. But, this journey has given me practical insights into investing in the Real Estate market as a RETAIL investor. 

To pass on this knowledge, I will be doing an ONLINE + OFFLINE WORKSHOP.

The Offline Event (in Goa): 

– This syllabus would be covered in an online format via LIVE classes.

– The capacity is 200 participants ONLY. 

The offline event (1 day workshop) would be organised in Goa, in the 1st week of March. Here, you will learn:- 

[9] How to invest in Goa Real Estate? How to invest as outsiders in Goa. 

[10] We will also give you a walkthrough of several properties I own here. And, some potential good properties (this is not from a sales point of view, but to give you an idea of what is meant by a ‘good’ property and why) 

You can also network with fellow participants

And, get to meet several Goa Real Estate experts during the in-person meet-up. 

The total fee is INR 9999/- (PLUS 18% GST) 


[1] How will I exactly benefit from such an event? 

– Well, even if you buy a basic real estate in your life, you would invest easily 30-40Lakhs. 

– Understanding what type of properties to buy. And, exactly high can increase your ROI (return on investment). 

– You also get to network. And, understand Real Estate as an investment class. 

No such workshop exists currently in India. 

[2] Is this event relevant for me if I don’t want to invest in Goa? 

– Yes, the basics would remain the same. 

– Also, by observing real estate trends across cities, you can be more informed on where exactly (and what type of property) should you buy? 

[3] What if I miss LIVE classes/LIVE event? 

– We will record the entire event, so you can access it.

[4] Will I have to make travel and stay arrangement (for the live event?)

– Yes, you will have to make travel and logistics. 

– We will organize the event on a weekend (1 day) in South Goa (1st week of March, 2024: 3rd March to be more precise)

– Also, on 1 ticket 1 participant is allowed. The LIVE event would be between 3-5 hours

[5] What is the structure of the program? 

– Attend 3 LIVE classes (each 2 hours); this will be done by me (Akshat). 

– And, I will bring other real estate experts. You get to ask all your questions. 

– Then attend the 1 day workshop. 


Akshat Shrivastava and his team!

For any queries, please drop a mail to

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What Will You Learn?

  • [1] How to scout for properties that give more than 5% yield
  • [2] Big city vs Small City vs Tourist vs Non-Tourist places.
  • [3] How to negotiate better with builders.
  • [4] How to make a decision of build vs buy?
  • [5] Commercial Properties vs Agri Land vs Residential
  • [6] How to AirBnB your properties to increase rental yields
  • [7] How to scale your AirBnB/Holiday Rental Business?
  • [8] How to buy properties on LOAN (do you need to?)

Course Content

Live Session I (28th October, 2023)

  • Zoom Link
  • Live Session I – Basics of Property Buying & what type of Real Estate to buy (Part 1)
  • Live Session I – Basics of Property Buying & what type of Real Estate to buy (Part 2)

Live Session II (23rd December, 2023)

Live Workshop (3rd March 2024)

(My BEST investment) A 150 year old Heritage House in Goa

Live Session III (20th April, 2024)

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