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About Course

This is a course on wealth building. I will take you through the fundamental and technical analysis of making investments. We will learn about developing your own psychology of building wealth.

Part 1: Macroeconomics

  • Importance of macroeconomics in stock markets
  • Type of Markets
  • History of Money
  • Interest rates, recession and their relation to stock markets
  • Asset classes
  • How to use Macroeconomics to make investment decisions in the market

Part 2: Business Analysis

  • Types of businesses? 
  • What is a good business?
  • MOAT analysis (competition analysis)
  • Frameworks for Analysis 

Part 3: Fundamental Analysis

  • What is fundamental analysis
  • How to filter stocks? (creating a good stock list)
  • How to find intrinsic value of a stock and compute margin of safety
  • Reading Financials
  • How big investors invest (and how to develop your own strategies)
  • Important ratios
  • How to research a stock (reading Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, P&L statements)
  • Best sources to research a stock
  • Investor Holding Assessment
  • How to analyse news and check if the news is manipulated?
  • Why can you make more returns than Mutual Funds How to invest in Index?
  • Bulk buying vs SIPs
  • Can you really identify Multibaggers?

Part 4: Technical Analysis

  • What is TA?
  • How to identify undervalued/overvalued stocks
  • Some important technical strategies to buy a stock
  • Some important technical strategies to sell a stock
  • Basics of Swing Trading
  • ** PS: This is not a Technical Analysis course. We will teach Technical Analysis to help you avoid overpriced and identified underpriced assets.

Part 5: Wealth Building

  • How to build a portfolio
  • What is a balanced portfolio
  • Understand US Stock Investing
  • Revealing my Portfolio
  • How I am building a 100Cr portfolio and hedging it

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  • Introduction


Stock Market

Investment System

Build Your Portfolio

Stock Analysis

My Portfolio!

International Investing

Timing the Market

Understading Indian Economy, Public Finance (to be uploaded by Ayushi Chand, Deputy Director, Ministry of Finance)

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2024 : Important updates

Roundtable with Akshat: India’s Alternate Energy

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