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About Course

This is a course on wealth building. I will take you through the fundamental and technical analysis of making investments. We will learn about developing your own psychology of building wealth.

Part 1: Macroeconomics

  • Importance of macroeconomics in stock markets
  • Type of Markets
  • History of Money
  • Interest rates, recession and their relation to stock markets
  • Asset classes
  • How to use Macroeconomics to make investment decisions in the market

Part 2: Business Analysis

  • Types of businesses? 
  • What is a good business?
  • MOAT analysis (competition analysis)
  • Frameworks for Analysis 

Part 3: Fundamental Analysis

  • What is fundamental analysis
  • How to filter stocks? (creating a good stock list)
  • How to find intrinsic value of a stock and compute margin of safety
  • Reading Financials
  • How big investors invest (and how to develop your own strategies)
  • Important ratios
  • How to research a stock (reading Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, P&L statements)
  • Best sources to research a stock
  • Investor Holding Assessment
  • How to analyse news and check if the news is manipulated?
  • Why can you make more returns than Mutual Funds How to invest in Index?
  • Bulk buying vs SIPs
  • Can you really identify Multibaggers?

Part 4: Technical Analysis

  • What is TA?
  • How to identify undervalued/overvalued stocks
  • Some important technical strategies to buy a stock
  • Some important technical strategies to sell a stock
  • Basics of Swing Trading
  • ** PS: This is not a Technical Analysis course. We will teach Technical Analysis to help you avoid overpriced and identified underpriced assets.

Part 5: Wealth Building

  • How to build a portfolio
  • What is a balanced portfolio
  • Understand US Stock Investing
  • Revealing my Portfolio
  • How I am building a 100Cr portfolio and hedging it
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Stock Market

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